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My aim is to provide an affordable, reliable and friendly service for those who would like to understand why their dog does what it does and how we can help to change their behaviour for the better in a fun and friendly way.    I can provide owners with the tools they need to change unwanted behaviours and manage going forwards to provide a healthy and balanced lifestyle for their dog(s) and themselves.

I will use my knowledge of dog behaviour, canine health & nutrition along with the dogs mind to get to the bottom of unwanted behaviour, looking at the whole dog and its environment. I will involve the whole family to get the best results and only use techniques which are fun for the dog.

I can:

Advise on behaviour issues, discover the reason behind them and help owners to correct them
Provide training tips and techniques which are fun for the dog and so enhance learning
Give advice regarding your dogs’ diet and good nutrition.


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My promise to You

I will always keep up to date with new studies and new understandings to keep my knowledge and skills up to date.

I will always treat every client with honesty, compassion, professionalism and an open mind free of any judgement. 

I will never treat any animal in a way that could cause them harm, pain, suffering or fear.  And I will never use any tools or practises which could inflict the same.

I will always try my very best to help my client but where I feel I am not able to help to the best of my ability I will refer them to a Practitioner who can.

I will respect the Data Protection Act and Privacy Policy at all times and not disclose any information about my clients or their dog without prior written consent.

I will consider the health and safety of myself, my client and their dog at all times whilst conducting my work.

When designing training and behaviourial modification programs, I will take into account the physical and psychological well being of my client and the individual dog(s)

Furthermore I will endeavour to incorporate responsible caring ownership into their training.


About me

I have been an animal lover since the first day I can remember and twelve and a half years ago myself and my husband became the happy owners of two happy, or so we thought, Collie Crosses. When we first brought them home as puppies we thought we had done all the necessary research to make them happy and healthy dogs, but we were soon to find out that we hadn’t done anywhere near enough. Due to our lack of understanding about the needs of the particular breed that we had, they developed some behavourial issues due to lack of socialisation with other dogs and mental exercise. The first few years were interesting to say the least, with sofa’s being eaten and plasterboard being dug into, not to mention passers by being pounced at for no reason, but we didn’t really know where to turn for help.  So, I sent myself back to school as it were, to do the research and learn what it was we had done wrong or hadn’t done right, and how we could fix it to make our dog’s lives, and our lives much happier.  

I read every book I could find including the works of Cesar Milan, Ian Dunbar and Bruce Fogle to name a few and I watched every dog behaviour program. I was gradually able to make a real difference to my dogs and their behaviour, and through the years while out on our walks, it was clear to see that there were a lot of people out there who were experiencing similar issues with their dogs that we had. This inspired me to take the Dog Behaviour Pack Leader Practitioner Diploma course through the British College of Canine Studies, so that one day I could be the person who people can go to if  they are experiencing problems with their dogs so that they do not feel like there is nowhere to turn.  

This inspired me even further to continue learning about our four legged friends and so I continued to expand my knowledge and studied Canine First Aid, An Introduction to Dog Grooming and most recently a Dipolma in Canine Health & Nutirition, all of which I studied through the British College of Canine Studies. I have found all these topics are very interlinked in how they can affect our dog’s behaviour and so have been a really invaluable source of knowledge and understanding.

Outline of Appointment

Behaviour consultations - the appointment will be for however long is needed, usually 1.5-2 hours but sometimes could be longer depending on your dog’s needs and the extent of the unwanted/problem behaviours.  I will ideally visit you at your home and like to incorporate a walk into the appointment so that everyone can relax and your dog gets a nice reward for waiting while we chat, it also gives me the opportunity to help with any issues you may be experiencing on the walk.

I am based in Basingstoke which is ideal for journeys to the South and South West but if you are outside of this area please feel free to contact me anyway as I am happy to conduct a consultation over the phone or via skype and will arrange a suitable time to call you and possibly visit.   My experience with telephone consultations have been equally as successful as home appointments, although a home appointment is preferable to be able to see the dog in its own environment and witness the problem behaviours first hand.

The appointment will involve a discussion about the dog, its daily routine with the family and the unwanted behaviours you are experiencing.  I will complete a full report after the appointment identifying the cause of the behaviour taking into account the dogs breed needs, environment, age, diet and any medication.  I will also devise a plan of action to help resolve the issues, all of which I will provide you with after the consultation so that you have this to hand to guide you.  I will of course be just a phone call or email away if you need me for guidance and reassurance and will pop back to see how you are getting on with your dog a couple of weeks after the initial consultation to make sure that the training is going well and you are happy with the progress you are making.   I won’t leave you until you are happy with the progress being made with the training/behaviour modification and you are comfortable about how you can continually use it to keep the unwanted behaviours at bay.


Hi Kelly,
Thank you so much for helping with Flo. The situation has improved already after following your advice.

Heike - Axarquia Animal Rescue

Hi Kelly, Just wanted to let you know we're doing great. Since we got guidelines for Cara everything has been much easier as we know what to do or how to act. We will definitely continue with training and it makes me so happy that dogs getting along so much better.
Best, Merilin and happy pups

Hi Kelly, Thank you very much for the advice you have given to Stephanie. It has been very helpful to her and to us too. You´ll be please to hear that Leo went to his new home in Belgium last week. He is living with a lovely couple who have another dog, so he´ll have a pal to play with. Kind regards, Marina - Axarquia Animal Rescue

Kelly is a really thoughtful and compassionate choice for your dog's behaviour issues! She has broad knowledge to back up her advice and is balanced and ethical at all times. A super service and a great lady. Would highly recommend! Julia Langlands - Canine Behaviour Tutor


Behaviour Consultations including follow ups and unlimited support, starting from £80-£120

Please contact me for a free no-obligation quote based on your individual needs, providing as much information about your dog(s) as possible.

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May 2014 - Pack Leader Practitioner Diploma - Distinction.

September 14 - Canine First Aid Certificate - Distinction

June 2015 - Introduction to Dog Grooming Certificate - Merit

May 2016 - Canine Health & Nutrition Diploma - Distinction

Phone: 07944089896
Email: kelly@burfeet.com

Kelly Burfoot
BCCSDip.AdvCanBhv, BCCSDip.HthNut

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